South Yorkshire Animal Rescue says goodbye to Pat.

Anyone who has called in at S.Y.A.R.’s Walkley shop in the past ten or so years will quite possibly have met ‘Big’ Pat. She might have greeted you from her spot in front of the shop counter, perched on a stack of cat litter bags to ensure maximum attention! She might have been looking down at you, half asleep, always watching, from her spot on the charity shop window shelf. You might have seen her at night, Walkley’s well known ‘cat in the window’, quite comfortable amidst an array of pet shop goods!The chances are, if you walked past or called in, she was never far away. There is an empty space now, one that cannot be filled, Pat was unique.

On the 21st. September 2010 the most difficult decision any animal ‘owner’ has to face, very sadly, was taken. Pat was very ill and getting worse by the day. She had reach the point where, one of the rare occasions when being a non-human animal has a distinct advantage. She didn’t have to suffer to the bitter end and, with a little human compassion, slipped painlessly away.
Everyone had said their goodbye’s to a friend who had brought so much pleasure into the lives of many. Pat will never be forgotten.
Goodnight God Bless xXx

Pat on her favourite perch!

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