Hedgehogs awaiting release.

SYAR deals with the release of injured/orphaned hedgehogs back to the wild.


Left: One of the hoglets
from this year.

We are currenlty looking for suitable areas to release some of the adults that were brought to us as babies last year.

Sometimes we get hedgehogs that are too ill to recover fully and would die if released. These hedgehogs still deserve better than a hutch and run which is what we can offer. Broken legs are the usual ailments suffered. A secure garden would be an ideal habitat for such hedgehog. All that is required is listed below.


The hedgehogs ideally require a home in the country, away from busy roads and houses that use slug pellets (even the ’safe’ ones).

Any ponds will need a ramp for escape incase any hedgehogs become trapped inside.

If you can offer a hedgehog a home in your garden as the first step for release, you will have to have the following:

  • A suibtable wooden nesting box for the hedgehog to sleep in.
  • A suibtable run at least 3 foot by 2 foot for the hedgehog to become accustomed to your garden.
  • A supply of fresh food left out in the run every night.

Eventually after a month or so the run can be left open at one end, or moved slightly, to allow the hedgehog to roam free in your garden.

Sometimes the hedgehogs move on, depending on food availability and if there are any hedgehogs in close proximity. A hedgehog would be a fantastic addition to your garden, and if food is left out every night as a temptaion, they should stay around for many years, eating all those slugs and snails, therefore doing you a favour!

Please call the office and speak to a member of staff if you think you can help.

Oughtibridge HogRight: A wild hedgehog enjoying some cat food in Oughtibridge.

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