Annual Report 2009.

South Yorkshire Animal Rescue.

357 – 359 south road, Sheffield s6 3td.

Tel: (0114) 234-9656.

Registered charity no: 517441.

“caring for injured & abandoned animals – wild & domestic”


Year ending 31st. December 2008.


After an extremely difficult year in 2007 major changes had to be made in an attempt to solve ongoing staffing problems, which had severely affected the Charity’s performance in the later part of that year.  Replacing a member of the team who had worked for S.Y.A.R. for many years (Marc who left in Spring 2007) was never going to be an easy task. However, in January 2008, after a lengthy and exhausting series of interviews the Committee appointed Lee Stocks to the role of assistant manager. Lee has a National Diploma in Animal Management  in addition to experience with small animals gained from his several years work in a pet shop, after a short trial period it was clear he would be a great asset to the Charity and was therefore offered the fulltime position.  The Committee reviewed Phil’s position as manager and increased his hours to fulltime accordingly.

Phil will have full responsibility for the charity shop and general daily administration, backed up by committee members or volunteers. Lee will have responsibility for general animal care with back up from Phil and part time staff member Kyle.

Animal care and rehoming:

Since it’s conception back in 1982 the Charity has constantly adapted to current needs within its basic objective, namely ‘to prevent cruelty and suffering towards all animals wild and domestic’. Needs are constantly changing, it is, therefore necessary for a small charity such as S.Y.A.R to change with these needs. There are several other organisations within our operational area, each having their own areas of expertise and, of course facilities available, S.Y.A.R. has always tried to fill the gaps, helping where the help is most needed and within the constraint of space and manpower.

Unwanted and abandoned cats are a major problem in the area. All the shelters are always full, operating waiting list systems for people wishing to offload their responsibilities. Here, the very limited space is reserved for genuine emergencies, cases that would otherwise be unable to find help, including bereavements, cats in genuine life threatening situations and accident cases. Small pets, rabbits, guinea pigs, fancy rats, present a major problem for animal shelters, these types of pet are relatively inexpensive easily obtainable and often impulsively bought without due consideration of their needs.  In South Yorkshire places for these are few and far between, like others S.Y.A.R. is usually at full capacity with many of the older animals becoming long term or permanent residents.

Caring for and advising on cases involving injured or orphaned wildlife is now a major area of South Yorkshire Animal Rescue’s work. Most commonly dealt with are wild birds with varying injuries and ever increasing numbers of hedgehogs, many young animals needing around the clock feeding and general care. After a fairly mild autumn with late hedgehog litters, winter approached and cages quickly filled with babies who had failed to reach the necessary weight for hibernation. By late November an entire room had been filled with hedgehogs, two or three to a cage, needing daily feeding watering and cleaning until their release in the spring.

Although the Charity has a clear policy to rehabilitate and release wildlife as quickly as possible there will always be cases where a full recovery is not made and euthanasia or life in captivity are the only options available. Birds with wing injuries that hamper flight, racing pigeons unclaimed by their owners and three hand reared grey squirrels, unreleasable if the law relating to non – indigenous species is to be adhered to, add to S.Y.A.R’s collection of permanent residents.

Financial report:

The Charity’s financial position was reasonable stable in 2008 ending with a reasonably small excess of expenditure.

The charity shop at South Road once again produced the largest percentage of income, donations from members and the public improved and the invested capitol produced a good rate of interest, most of which could be used to provide better housing for the animals. Possibly the best regular fundraiser of the year was the increased use of E Bay for selling, the success due solely to the hard work of Paul and Tricia who do everything from listing to posting a variety of interesting donated sale items.

South Yorkshire Animal Rescue’s old and tired vehicle finally had to be retired after many years service! A temporary replacement was found, purchased partially by an insurance payout the remainder from an anonymous donation, a new vehicle will probably be needed at some point in 2009.

The long overdue task of replacing the main (and oldest) aviaries began in late 2008; two new cat pens and runs were completed and quickly put into use.  The remaining work will be completed in 2009 along with a new squirrel house for the hand-reared youngsters. Staff and volunteers have undertaken the majority of the work in order to keep labour costs to a minimum.


The Trustees, Committee, volunteers and staff would take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped or contributed in anyway during 2008. In the uncertain economic climate charities, like other businesses, expect a difficult year ahead, help is always needed whether it be financial or hands on hard work! South Yorkshire Animal Rescue needs volunteers on a regular basis, helping in the charity shop, transporting to vets etc, fundraising, fostering animals, wildlife rehabilitation – just a few areas where a few hours can make a big difference. Please telephone the office if interested in any way.

The South Yorkshire Animal Rescue website is regularly updated with news and events. Enquiries can also be made by email through the website or direct at A Facebook page is also planned for 2009

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